Voeckler Shaping Up Steadily

Great news for Voeckler fans who were upset given the Europcar rider’s languishing performance at Tour de France. As per some recent news reports, the leading French biker is steadily shaping up and is hopeful about a strong performance at the upcoming Tour Poitou-Charentes 2013 which is scheduled for late August.

The Alsatian rider from Europcar has assured his fans of a speedy recovery by the beginning of the upcoming Tour Poitou-Charentes. He could not live up to the expectations at the last Tour de France where he finished on a very unfortunate 65th position. The Poitou-Charentes Tour will be held from 27th August to 30th August this year. The Tour will start at Saint Maixent Poitiers and & will proceed via Saintes, Ruelle-sur-Touvre, Angoulême and Charroux Civra. Voeckler was the celebrated winner of TPC 6 years back in 2007 and is hoping to present his fans with a repeat performance of 2007 this year as well. He was a participant in the tour last year as well where he came up in the 5th position.

Alian Clouet, the Tour Poitou-Charentes President declared that he is quite content with the arrangement and rider line up in the upcoming edition of the esteemed French race. While asked to speak a few lines on Thomas Voeckler’s participation in the August Tour, Clouet seemed very positive about the Europcar rider.

“Voeckler will be there at the Tour and it’s even guaranteed that he would be making headlines” the Tour Poitou-Charentes President told Unibet, showering all praise and admiration for the leading Alsatian cyclist.

Clouet also seemed hopeful about Pierre Rolland, Voeckler’s teammate. Apart from Voeckler and Rolland, the Tour President mentioned about other famous riders to be participating in the late August Tour Poitou-Charentes. These include Arthur Vichot, Nacer Bouhanni, Jeremy Roy & C. Le Mevel.