Trott Wins Silver At World Track ominum

Leading Brit rider Laura Trott has reportedly won silver at the ominum event of the World Track Championships recently concluded at Paris. The Olympic champ was beaten by Aussie rider annette Edmondson who triumphed the even with the prestigious gold.

It was the 3rd successive ominum silver for Trott at World Track Championships.

Britain has won another two silver titles at the prestigious World Championship but unfortunately could not collect a single gold- which is first for the great cycling team since 2001.

“I feel we are moving forward”, stated Trott while approached to speak a few lines after winning the ominum silver.

“It is always tough to state where you are at since even at the Worlds, people do not always come up with strongest squads. I feel we have certainly moved forward in comparison to our state last year. Yes, we had a gold title then & we don’t have any this time but I feel you will appreciate that we have improved. I came sixteenth in Apeldoorn worlds & now see where am I. I think we would surely come.”

The Olympic champ had always been up to catch-up in 6-discipline ominum post finishing i9n 13th position in the inaugural scratch race buet then she managed to ride her way up into competition for gold the very next day. She came up with the 5th place in 4th discipline & was 3rd in flying lap.

“Honestly, I am really happy”, Trott stressed. After that scract race, many just wrote me off & did not think that I was in proper form. But in the end, a silver at Worlds is great. I am really pleased with my present form now. Yes, I still need to improve myself in some places.”