Guys - thanks for a great time at the Gala on Saturday. Hope it inspired more of you to aim high like the likes of cycling legends Lance Armstrong and mt new hero Todd Herriott!

"More than 450 gathered Saturday for the DMSE Sports “30 Years Cycling” Gala to benefit the DMSE Children’s Fitness Foundation, which uses cycling to promote physical fitness in children and reduce childhood obesity.

The March 12 event raised more than $60,000 and featured noted athletes to celebrate DMSE’s 30 years organizing sports events across New England and around the globe and raising millions for charity in the process.

Speakers included Sen. Scott Brown, as well as world-class triathlete Karen Smyers; Tom Grilk, Executive Director, Boston Athletic Association; Billy Squires, the founding coach of the Greater Boston Track Club; Todd Herriott, Lance Armstrong, Rick and Dick Hoyt, father-son endurance athletes. MCs for the event were Emmy-award winning Toni Reavis and DMSE’s Jack Leduc.