Porte Supports Riding Safety Petition

Leading Aussie rider Richie Porte has declared to support riding safety petition. The cyclist superstar has signed the safety petition calling in better protection for the cyclists riding on the public roads- in memoriam of a dear family-friend who had a tragic death while cycling last month.

The riding safety petition called “A Metre Matters” is forwarded by Amy Gillett Foundation which is asking the Aussie government to pass a law citing minimum 1meter of overtaking distance when the drivers pass riders on public roads. The gap has to be 1.5m at least especially when the pace limit is over 60 km.

The Sky cyclist said that he is kickstarting the motion in honor of young Tasmania rower Hendey who got car-struck & killed while biking in Tasmania last December.

“It is a sure privilege”, Porte said while asked to speak a few words about signing the petition. “A couple of weeks back I was into a triathlon when the tragic news came up that a 21-year-old lad had been knocked down in Launceston. Launceston is my hometown & I discovered that Lewis Hendey was a family-friend.”

I”I feel that this has actually gone strong in Tassie by now & I am hopeful that the Federal Government too would appreciate it since it’s a right thing”, added in the Aussie rider.

The Amy Gillett foundation has been founded in the honor of Amy Gillett, the Aussie female rider who faced a sad death while on training ride across Germany in the year 2005.

“Let us make the drivers educated since young age. They should know that if you are accidentally hitting us while looking at the phone, you might actually kill us. That is the thing- our lives are on jeopardy”, Porte continued further.