Laura Trott & Jason Kenny Works-Out With Homeless Poodles

Golden couple of cycling, Laura Trott & Jason Kenny, left their bikes for a while to join up for a very unique fitness session & it seemed that both of them have enjoyed huge. The Olympians were recently found working out with homeless poodles from Dogs Trust Manchester.

The self-proclaimed dog-obsessed duo fell for two most energetic canines Oscar & Jessie. Both of them are springer spaniels & are siblings by relation.

The pair who had 2 sproodles – a cross between springer spaniel & poodle- remarked that they literally had to be dragged from the duo as their visit concluded.

The Olympians were thrilled with their unique exercise session with their furry friends which was actually a part of charity support. Both of them reported of a fantastic time and even added that anybody planning to adopt these dogs won’t need to visit a gym ever.

“It was just fantastic to spend time with Jessie & Oscar. They are simply adorable & a play with them gave this feeling that we have just done a great workout”, stated Laura.

“We were kind of dragged away but in case anybody is planning to stay fit sans the gym fees, the duo is everything that you would need”, Kenny added in.

Jessie is 4 years old while her brother is 5. They are best of buddies & hence looking to go into a forever house where they can be together. They are inseparable yet are amazing with other canines. A house with kids over 8 years old would be perfect for them.

“Oscar & Jessie had great fun with both of them”, remarked Dawn Bishop, the manager of Dogs Trust Manchester. “It was fantastic to have Jason & Laura here. It is always great to meet those who’re as crazy about the dogs as here we are.”