A latest cycling tournament in his honour has been named after Chris Evans

In Victoria, a new cycling event is named after him which is a great matter of pride and honour for him which he will be undertaking in. The event will be held next year, for the first time ever called as the Great Ocean Road Race in Cadel Evan’s honour where the participation of both the cyclists- the male and female amidst Geelong , at the Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine Peninsula which will also see many amateur cyclists participating.
From the global body, 1.1 classification from the provisional front has been received. Initially, he was hesitant to have the race named after him but after realising that the greater public would benefit from it he took the name of the event in his pride. He loves to see youth coming and participating in the event with furore and achieving laurels. Whether the people take it seriously or take it as fun, he is up for most of the things.
On a personal front, he loves the fact that people enjoy taking part in the cycling race. In 2015, January the race will begin under his name. Scott Sunderland is the man the professional cyclist who has designed the event’s course with help from Evans. The race will also boost the tourism to an extent. It is the modest sum of money which is being hailed as the amount for participation.
It will be most covetous and prestigious to have the race named after Evans. The event is a mass participating one according to Evans and he believes that the participation will be in huge numbers. The door will be opened for many new riders to participate. The two days are going to be terrific which will be lot of fun.