Kittel Is Clean

Marcel Kittel, the ace German sprinter who has always been very vocal against doping in cycling has now achieved an added credibility after he passed in a lie detector exam. The polygraph test was taken to verify any doping activity by the leading Agros Shimano cyclist. As per the forensic expert, Kittel is supposedly all clean.

Marcel was bombarded with questions on doping after his win on 4 stages in Tour de France this year. He was requested to go through a polygraph test by an eminent German magazine. Kittel agreed to sit for the test, unlike other German Tour France cyclists who refused to undergo the test in the year 2007.

The polygraph test monitored his BP, breathing, heart rate, sweating & general responsiveness. The Agros Shimano cyclist had to confront both closed and open questions- including whether he had ever taken to banned substances or whether these were offered to anytime in his career. He answered “no”.

Holger Leutz, the forensic expert who conducted the polygraph test on Kittel confirmed that based on the rider’s psychological responses it seems that he is nothing but honest. “The parameters that were monitored throughout the test were evenly measured”, said Leutz while approached on his assessment. “It’s the mark of credibility. He has confirmed our faith in a completely pure genre of riders. According to the detector results, I can confidently concur that Kittel is a thoroughly clean athlete & has never ever taken to doping.”

Albeit the credibility of the lie detector tests is debated by some, yet the results are sure to encourage Kittel’s fans as well as German cycling enthusiasts.

“I don’t have anything to conceal and thus I agreed for the test”, Kittel commented while explaining why he was ready to undergo the polygraph test on request. “I support clean sport & the test has already confirmed it.”