Howard Grotts Triumphed First At Missoula Pro XT

For the second consecutive year Howard Grotts (Specialised) took pride in taking the title at Missoula pro XT, beating the national champion Stephen Ettinger (BMC) and his team mate Todd Wells at the last hour, at the final lap of the competition only to emerge at the top.

It was at the elite man’s race that the Colorado’s Howard Grotts had his strong grip in defending his title and gleefully succeeded in doing so.

Howard felt great and said that the crowd there was always good and that course suited him perfectly. He was glad having making it happen again.

It has been for the second time that he won this title and kept it to himself. National champion Stephen Ettinger raced parallel with Howard for the first five laps but at the last and the final lap Grotts leaped forward only to take the race to the next level where he leaded. He not only defeated Ettinger but leaded at 1 minute 20 second ahead.

He thought that it was easier for him since he had a small physical stature and would be having to work harder on the descents since he did not carry a lot of momentum there but took to the climbing advantage as much as he could. Grotts has been of the opinion that every time one has to come as prepared or would not be able to expect much. Thus, he would surely be equally prepared next time no matter he is glad about this time.

Referring to his competitors he said that he was very much satisfied since they were into the sports for long with him just moving in, he felt good about seeing his future in mountain biking.

Grotts is surely going to have a bright future for he has proved himself well in the last three years owning one second and two first places at the men’s elite.