Team Sky has insisted that the world champion’s attack over the peak of the col de peyresourde and the tucked pedaling position he adopted were nothing but spur of the moment tactics. However, Dave Brailford had an entirely different opinion on Froome’s performance, his gestures and evasive answers about the team’s race technique seemed to tell a different story.

While many other believe the former champion had just adopted the technique without much thought, the team’s manager surely knows there is more to it than that. There have been other signs that Chris’s attack during the 8th stage of the tour de France was carefully planned out, this should come as no surprise seeing as the team hardly ever does anything out of sheer impulse.

It has shown to fans repeatedly in the past that all its techniques and strategies are as a result of rational thinking, practice and analysis; this includes Froome’s attack on the descent.

He had used his bike’s gear, which had a 54-tooth chain ring to speed down the descent while spinning the pedal and simultaneously taking a tucked position on his bike. Before the race had reached the peak of the climb, his teammate Sergio Henao set a quick pace and lined out the riders, and as the time arrived for the descent, Froome went for the attack and quickly got the lead.

Being an expert rider, he had taken some calculated risks on every corner and he knew just when to push his bike to the limit and when to settle down. Commenting on Froome’s performance on the race, Brailford said

”You’ve got to give Chris 100 percent credit for that. He’s out on the road and he’s a smart guy and he’s brave, that took some balls.

“Chris is a fantastic racer, he’s a great bike rider, he brave, he’s courageous, when he sees an opportunity he takes it and he never ceases to amaze us, and he showed why he has won two tours already.”