Cycling Culture Growing Massively In Sydney

Sydney is surely becoming a haven for cyclers because according to the official records around 130% or more increase in the number of cycle-riding Sydney residents has been reported ever since the year 2010. The cycling culture in Sydney has been able to grow massively in just about four years in comparison to London where the culture took around 10 years or so to develop.
The credit for the growth of the culture goes to the cycleways network (110km) which has been created in Sydney to provide the riders with dedicated and safe cycling lanes. The cycleways network begins from city centre (Sydney) and expands to suburbs like Pyrmont and Alexandria. By the year 2030, the network is going to cover a distance of about 200km. Along with this network, the enhanced biking facilities and specialty cafes have also encouraged the growth of the cycling culture.
Sydney Rides Festival (annual cycling festival held in Sydney) always highlights the vibrant and lively cycling culture of the city through events such as film screenings based on cycling, art exhibitions associated with bikes and so on.
This year a new event called the Sydney Rides the Night has been added to the 2014 Sydney Rides Festival which is going to be held on the 25th of October, 2014 and is going to be open to all kinds of bike riders whether professional or amateur.
Mark Ledbury (a cycle-riding Sydney resident) is of the opinion that cycling culture is massively growing in the city because of the necessary encouragement it is receiving by the establishment of new routes, organization of new cycling events and festivals.
David Donald (Sydney Rides’ Cycle-O-Rama’s organizer and passionate cyclist) said that he has been using his creative side to promote cycling in an extraordinary way so that general public is able to access cycling in a better way.