Cancellara survives accident

Fabian Cancellara has shown great mettle after having trained in Mallorca, Spain recently. The famous rider met with a car accident while he was returning home in Bern, Switzerland.

Cancellara returned to his team in Trek Factory Racing camp soon after the collision and according to the reports of La Gazzetta dello Sport the champion met with the accident during the weekend although the particular day is yet to be known. The car reportedly cut Cancellara off while he was returning which was the cause of the accident.

The Swiss 32 year old merely had bruises and scrapes on his left hand side but was able to continue riding after the incident. This has not hampered his plans to travel to Mallorca and he also posted on Twitter that he is perfectly okay and is looking forward to training with the other team members.
The general manager of Trek Factory Racing Luca Guercilena said that everything is fine with Cancellara and there is nothing to worry about.

They have backed off Cancellara’s training so that they are able to focus on his base. This would give him time and would help the bruises to heal quickly. According to what the local newspapers had to say they are of the opinion it was a small incident and there is nothing to be serious about.

The physiotherapist of the team Gianluca Carretta says that matters could have been in the accident but Cancellara was lucky to escape with some bruises and scrapes and even he has confirmed that the injury is not a serious one at all. Just prior to this incident Cancellara was present in the team presentation which was held in Roubaix, France. In that presentation he was asked about his plans for 2014 to which he said that would like to finish on the podium for Tour de France.