Betting on the Tour de France

One can have nothing but respect for the competitors who take part in the Tours de France. It is one of the most demanding events any sportsman can compete in and some of this year’s 21 stages will be even more demanding that usual. The race begins in Corsica on 19 June and finishes about a month later in Paris.

The 21 stages in the Tour de France mean that there are many golden opportunities for betting. If you understand complex combination bets such as Yankees, Heinz and Goliath bets the Tour de France provides plenty of opportunities for using your knowledge to make some money.

And if you don’t understand them, there is still plenty of time to become acquainted with them. The beauty of combination betting is that you don’t have to be right every time.

For instance with a Goliath bet you make eight selections and you only need to get two of them right to win. If you bet 1 on each of eight events with a Goliath your total outlay would be £247, but with average odds of 5/1 if you got them all right you would win £5,700,000, yes, over five and a half million. If you only got three of them right you would make a profit of £70.

An alternative way to bet on the event is to visit an online casino like where you will find a slot game called Pedal Power.

This game is thematically based on the Tour de France and includes bike racing paraphernalia in its symbols and other game features. There is a free spin bonus feature which has a £40,000 top prize, gambling options where you can double or quadruple your regular spin wins by making the correct choice on a card game, and scatter wins are multiplied and added to the line wins; a great game and hours of fun.