Anna Meares Wins The London Cycling And Returns Back

Competition for the week at the London Velodrome is the platform where Anna Meares won two years before.

It was Olympic gold which he brought back in. She is now all set to prepare for the 2016 at Rio and she is hailed as the sprint queen.

She is preparing fully to quit after the 2016 Olympics. In fact Track racing world programme will also see her participation.

Meet of the Australian team is bound to occur before the start of the event. In 2012 at the London Olympics Meares secured a win over the sprint over Victoria Pendleton. The sprint coach of Australia stated that it was a special medal for her to win. Memories rolled down when the coach and sprint queen walked down the course of event.

It was nostalgia for Anna as she walked down in the arena. It is the individual sprint which will see her participation. On each and every outing she strives hard and continues to beat the top players. Every moment sees her contribution and confidence towards the game. She is approachable at all levels. At Mexico too she claimed a bronze medal. She wants to better her ambition at all levels. It is Australia which has topped the medal list in Mexico.

Competition in London is bound to get fierce and brutal. More and more are joining the squad of the individual teams. There is lot of talent involved among the riders and the teams. Bonus is gained by the team who wins and that is the objective to strive ahead and bring laurels from all quarters. Participation level is increasing at every stage which gives an opportunity to the riders to perform and strive ahead. Confidence is the key that leads the riders to beat their opponents.