The 500 Mile Cycling Challenge

Four youngsters are taking up the challenge of covering 500 miles by cycling in 5 days here in Edinburgh. Cycling activities are getting great promotions in almost all countries nowadays. Earth will go vulnerable if the cars and other motor vehicle population is getting higher in this pace.

But the cause for taking up this challenge by these brave group cyclists is something very different and inspirational. They are doing it in the aid of Macmillan Cancer support. Well, this is obviously a charity cycling event but the four participants of this cycling event is really enthusiastic and brave about their attempt. They have already received some auspicious support from different organizations.

It is good to know that among the four people taking part in this challenge two of them are brothers named Tom Sadler and Alan. Other two are Glenn Toal and Craig Griffith. Their plan is to start from the Edinburg and end their challenge in London. They are about to start their quest on September 16 2013. They are doing this charity fund raiser even in loving memory of Catherine Pearson who passed away recently at the age of 25. It is very impressive to see that many local businesses have already started supporting them with different aids.
The Crown Spa Hotel is providing free of cost Gym passes to four of them to train well and get healthy and powerful enough to get through the challenge easily.

Another 1000 Pounds is sponsored by Nisa to the aid of the four during the event. With all support and motivation they are receiving from all around they are expecting to conquer the challenge without many problems. Alan one of the participants of this mammoth cycling even stated that they are expecting to cover 100 miles per day and they are training well to hit the milestone without any much trouble.